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About me

When I was a child, I loved getting up early in the morning while most everyone was still asleep. I grew up in a large family so the quiet of the early morning felt like a luxury. On those mornings when I would get up with the sun, my father would undoubtedly be up long before me, and I would often catch him in a soft prayer or singing quiet hymns in the kitchen, eating a breakfast of wheat bread with honey.

Nowadays my early rising can't be helped with my three daughters, yet morning still remains my favorite time of day. I love stepping out into the crisp, unwilted morning air to water the garden, I love the smell of freshly ground coffee, and I love watching my children's imaginations grow wildly in their eyes as they play.


Although my pleasures in life are kept quite simple, simple foods are not my style. Oh, I certainly enjoy a classic plate from time to time, but very little can compare to the thrill of trying something I haven't yet tasted. This blog is a journey, a quest to find (and perhaps create) foods not yet tasted in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy reading Hymns in the Kitchen as much as I enjoy creating its' content.


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