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I'm Julia; a wife, a mother and a lover of food. I'm in constant pursuit of my newest craving in the kitchen. I hope you'll join me in my journey to find new and delicious ways to bring classic and versatile dishes to the table. Bon Appetit!

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Easy Broccoli & Beef

There are so many different recipes for Broccoli Beef, and so many are delicious! I took some tips and tricks from a few different recipes to make the one I'm giving you today. I don't steam the broccoli ahead of time because I like it to have a slight crunch to it. While it stands, the broccoli softens enough to be the perfect texture. The sauce isn't too sweet, with just enough garlic to balance out all the flavors. I hope you like it! Enjoy.

Easy Broccoli & Beef

4 Servings

Ingredients for the Beef:

2 steaks, thinly sliced

1 head of broccoli, chopped

Salt and pepper

Oil for frying

Sesame seeds, optional

For the Sauce:

1/2 cup chicken stock

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon sesame oil

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger

2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

3 tablespoons sweet chili sauce

2 tablespoons cold water

2 tablespoons cornstarch


1. Lightly season the steak with salt and pepper. Heat a large pot with high sides (to help prevent splatter) on medium-high heat, add about 2 tablespoons oil. Working in batches to prevent steaming, brown the meat until just cooked through. Add in the chopped broccoli, cook 3 minutes, mixing constantly. Broccoli will still have a slight crunch. Remove from heat, cover, and let it sit in the pot while you make the sauce.

2. In a saucepan, add all sauce ingredients except the cornstarch and the water. Heat through on medium heat until it comes to a boil, mixing occasionally, then bring down the heat and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

3. In a bowl, mix the cornstarch and the water until smooth. Add to the simmering sauce and bring up the heat until the sauce comes to a boil again, whisking constantly. Remove from heat.

4. Add sauce to the broccoli and beef mixture, mix until everything is coating well. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, if desired. Enjoy.

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